Regular season May to September 2022.

Final championship October 1, 2022.


The administrative fee to join the league is $200 and is non-refundable. This fee covers the prize pool and cost to run the league.

USGA rules to be used for all rounds plus allow lift, clean and place within 1 club length on all shots no closer to the hole. Can NOT be used in hazards and out of bounds.

Must play 6 rounds, with a minimum of 2 YEM social events and 4 anti-social events to finalize a handicap to use in the league championship.  The scores posted in league play will be used to crate a handicap for the NET scores to be used in the Course master scoring and league championship.


To level the playing field, everyone will play from the tees for their Handicap:

+30 handicap players will tee off from +2/+3 tees from tips (5400-6000 yards)

+20 handicap players tee from +2 tees from tips (6000-6400 yards)

+10 handicap players tee from +1 tee from tips (6400-6800 yards)

<10 handicap players tee from tips (Tips are the back tee for the day the course is played).

We will be using a group messaging service to communicate with all players.  Once you submit your name and payment, we will send you a link to the thread. You will pay your dues and greens fees directly to the golf course with the exception of YEM Social Events.


All scores posted in messaging app must indicate course played and which tee box was played to create accurate handicaps.  All competions to utilize the handicap develped in league play and all scores will be maintained for transparent review for all players.


There are 5 YEMSocial events spread out throughout the season on Saturday afternoons as posted on the schedule. Players must play 2 YEMSocial events in order to qualify for the final event and prize pool. You will need to confirm your attendance at a YEMSocial event 21 days in advance in order to guarantee your spot. You will pay your course fees when you arrive to the event. 



Anti-Social rounds can be played at any of the certified courses and must be played with another member of this league. This allows the players to schedule and play anytime throughout the regular season.


Prizes consist of league fees minus the costs to run the league. Prize Pool TBD based on the number of players.

Regular Season Course Master

Is the champion of regular season play. Every score posted will be tracked on a course by course leader board ultimately competing for the lowest net score at each course. Whoever posts the lowest net score at each course wins a star for mastering that course. There are 16 course master stars eligible for the season. Whoever gets the most stars wins the regular season. 


Players wishing to compete in the final game for prizes must play a minimum of 6 rounds. Depending on the final number of ranked players, flights will be made with prizes to the Top 2 finishers in each flight. There will be additional challenges and prizes throughout the season so keep an eye out!