Regular Season
May - Sep 2022

YEMGolf is played at golf courses all over Chicagoland and is the most flexible golf league you will every play in. You must post 6 total scores in order to qualify for the championship game at the end of the season.


What is a YEM Social event?

The YEM Social is a scheduled tee time on a weekend during the regular season. There are a limited number of tee times for each YEM Social. You must attend a minimum of 2 YEM Social events during the regular season.


What is an Anti-Social event?

Anti-social rounds are scheduled via our group messenger and played with a league participant to verify scoring. Play anytime during the regular season. Whoever posts lowest Net score at each course will win our Regular season course master award so play as many as you want.


Flexibility is the name of the game. 

In order to make the final championship, you must register, pay the administrative fee,  and play 6 courses. When we say relaxed and social, we mean it. 6 out of 16 is a passing score in our books.


Flex #1

Free Relief

We allow lift, clean, and place within 1 club length on all shots. USGA rules apply if you can't find your ball or if you're playing from a hazard.


Flex #2

Tee Relief

The tee box you use is based on your handicap. If your handicap is less than great, you can play from the front tees. See here for the definition of "less than great."


No Flex #1





Leveling the playing field

For the final event, and based on your best 6 posted league scores, you will be placed into one of 3 flights. Each flight will have -at minimum-1st and 2nd place payouts. The number of payouts in each flight will increase based on how many of your friends you convince to join this league with you. 


Championship Weekend
October 2022

The championship game will be held in October. You can qualify for the final event by playing 6 rounds during the season with a minimum of 2 YEM Social and 4 Anti-Social events. Even if you don't qualify, we'll still let you come, play, and socialize with us. 


Bonuses/Mini Challenges

because we like you.

Throughout the season, we may introduce bonus games and mini-challenges with extra prizes and rewards. This is how we bribe you to pay attention throughout the season. You have an idea for one? Shoot us an email or post on our socials to get the convo started.


Triple Bogey Players

Non competitive play

If triple bogeys are your jam, then congrats! You've come to the right place. We're a relaxed social league so we've got you covered. Play from the Jr tees or 150 yards. Post your scores if you want or don't. Either way, it'll be fun! 

Max score on any hole is a triple bogey.


Competitive much?

Go to the rules page for all the down and dirty deets on scoring, points, & handicaps. We'll be here when you're done. 


Scores, Handicaps, & Tracking

Our league secretary made an awesome spreadsheet to track all the stats course by course so get those scores up as fast as possible so you can look at your ranking in all of its splendid glory until the next player posts their score and knocks you down a notch.


Why does it cost $200 just to sign up?

20% of that fee goes to the league because websites, graphic designers, league managers, software, fees, and staff cost money. As much as we just want to hang out and swing some clubs with you, we still need to cover our costs.  The balance goes toward the prize pool.  So, the more of your friends you convince to join this league, the more money you can win at the end. 


What even is a YEM?

If you know, you know.

Boy. Man. Golf. Shit.



What's a course master you ask? Post the lowest score for a course and you'll win a gold star. Win more gold stars than anyone else and you win the Regular Season complete with the title of COURSE MASTER.